The Medical Department has been established since the establishment of the university, where it began to provide medical services to students and staff through clinical examination and treatment of patients and provide first aid for emergencies including wounds, burns, fractures, etc., as well as blood pressure, blood sugar and ECG for early detection of heart disease and diabetes It is now equipped with the latest medical equipment and supervised by a distinguished and specialized medical staff to provide the necessary health care. The center is also equipped with an ambulance. The ambulance and emergency department is also located. Necessary.

Welcoming Speech

Primary health care has an important role in the early treatment of diseases in terms of diagnosis and treatment, and developed countries in this area take care of health the main role because early diagnosis provides great effort to the patient first and has significant positive repercussions on the financial cost in terms of medical bill and sick leave.

The medical department performs the primary role in the therapeutic process, saving time and effort for the students receiving the service

Message: Providing health and therapeutic services to students and university staff in high quality, comprehensive and continuous, which meets the needs of the beneficiaries to improve the health of the individual and society.

Vision: Excellence in health services and development to enhance the university's standing among the rest of the Jordanian universities, in terms of developing the medical department from qualified medical staff with high experience, and the use of modern medical devices for the benefit of patients, up to the highest levels required by the medical profession.


  1. To meet the needs of students and staff.
  2. To promote and upgrading health services.
  3. To improve the health status of the beneficiaries of the services of the Medical Department.
  4. To providing medical and psychological counseling.
  5. To insure medicines for patients after treatment.

International Students

We are pleased to put in your hands the treatment instructions in the medical department which works for your service ... The department treats the students at the university and abroad by contracting with hospitals throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The university is very keen on the health of its students through providing the necessary medication for each case, whether inside the university or in the health center for emergencies, or outside the university in hospitals accredited to the university.

Students are treated as follows:

If inside the university they are treated in the medical department where there is a full medical staff that is treated during the working hours of the students. The student will review the medical department and show his / her university card. The university treatment card will be issued to the treating physician. The doctor will examine and diagnose him, and give him a prescription for him. The student will review the university pharmacy and dispense the medication prescribed by the university doctor. If the case of the student requires transfer, the doctor of the medical department will transfer it to the hospitals of the University, according to his health, through the form dedicated to this purpose. After the opening hours, the student can visit the nearest university accredited hospital where he / she will submit the university ID to the hospital and follow the procedure for approval with the Medical Insurance Department. The student must be registered at the university and paid for his fees and his name shall be applied to the medical department system.