Documents required to apply

Admission requirements (M.A Programs)
Admission requirements


1. Students who have a Jordanian high school diploma or equivalent and students who have a diploma in community colleges are accepted in the program according to the admission rules and conditions applicable at the university.

2. Applicants admitted to the program must apply for a bachelor's degree in the university and each student must be aware of these instructions.


Documents required to apply

1. Disclosure of the signs of the original secondary school certificate or a certified copy thereof duly.

2. Certification of the comprehensive examination (for bridging students) or a certified copy thereof duly.

3. The identification of the marks of the intermediate university college (for the bridging students) or a certified copy thereof duly.

4. A certified copy of the civil ID or a certified copy of the passport for non-Jordanian students.

5. Equation of the foreign certificate from the competent authorities.

6. Postponing the science service book for male Jordanian students.

7. Picture number (2).

Admission Requirements for Graduate Studies



Conditions of acceptance of students in the Masters and PhD programs


1. The applicant must have at least a good degree in the bachelor's degree.


2. The applicant must have at least a good bachelor's degree and a very good degree at least in the master's degree.


3. His studies should be regular in all stages and the university is recognized in Jordanian higher education.


4. Applicants must be successful in the English language examination, whether the TOEFL or the national exam according to the instructions of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


The required documents


1. A certified copy of the statement of secondary school in Arabic.

2. Certified copy of the bachelor's degree and the detection of marks in Arabic (for the master's degree).

3. Certified copy of the university certificate and the detection of marks for the bachelor's and master's degrees in Arabic (for the doctoral stage).

4. Equation of foreign certificates (for all stages) from the Jordanian Ministries of Education and Higher Education.

5. Three modern color photographs measuring (4X6).

6. A certified copy of the civil ID or passport for non-Jordanian students.

7. A copy of the Army Service Register for Jordanians born in 1985 and on.

8. No objection letter for employees in the departments that require this.

9. A book of good conduct for students who have a bachelor's degree from a Jordanian university (for a master's degree)

10. Non-objection letter for non-Jordanian students from the cultural attaché of the countries requiring bringing the letter.

11. A financial receipt of JD (25) from the Finance Department. 

Applications are submitted at the Graduate School, the University's permanent website.

Note that the documents and fees are not refundable in case of acceptance or not.