Faculty of Fiqh Hanafi

عميد كلية الفقه الحنفي
الدكتور صلاح محمد أبو الحاج

This faculty was established in 2015 to enhance and to develop some specialized Islamic studies among other faculties at W.I.S.E University. It is considered as an extension to the Faculty of  Da'wa and Islamic Principles that was established in 1990 and Nuh al-Qudah Faculty for Shari'a and Law Shaykh which was established in 2008.


About the faculty

About the faculty

This is the first university-level program that grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in Ḥanafī jurisprudence. It combines traditional and modern approaches in teaching and studying this school of fiqh. It follows current methods of instruction. The graduate is granted an internationally-recognized degree. One of its aims is to implement Amman’s mission to revive the various schools of fiqh as frames of reference for issuing fatwas in line with one of the schools of fiqh, which is widely followed in most Islamic countries.


The program consists of: 132 credit hours for a Bachelor's degree: 16 JD

                                       33 credit hours for a Master's degree: 70 JD

                                        24 credit hour for a Diploma: 50 JD


This program aims at:

-Teaching all the necessary textbooks on Al-Hanafi jurisprudence with its interpretations, explanations and clarification.

- Following a gradual procedure in teaching that begins with providing general courses then more specific topics.

-Allowing highly proficient teachers that are able to teach al-Ḥanafī jurisprudence

- Reading the major textbooks on Al-Hanafi jurisprudence and analyzing them.