Public Relation and Media Department



Foreign Relations



  • It contributes to spreading the university's good reputation, circulating its ideas and developing its services.
  • It aims at establishing good relationships between the university and its employees.


  1. Mass Media

Foreign relations section is expected to provide the mass media with the university's recent news and activities and to clarify its vision and views. It is also responsible for collecting data from the university's faculties and departments to be published in mass media.

  1. Activities  


Foreign relations section must take part in the preparation committees that are expected to organize the conferences, seminars, exhibitions held by the university.



  1. Photography and Video


  1. Taking pictures of the university's president, deans, teaching staff and the administrative units.
  2. Taking pictures of the cultural, social and sport activities. Taking photos of art exhibitions and the religious ceremonies which are organized in and outside the university.
  3.  Taking photos of the university's new institutions, and other views of the university campus.
  4. Taking photos of the training programs organized by the university.
  5. Taking photos of the graduates, the teaching staff and employee to create a high-quality yearbook photos.
  6. Taking photos of the university's visitors and delegations.
  7. Providing the newspapers with the photos of the activities and others occasions.
  1. Reception and Circulation
  1. Preparing and organizing the official delegations visits to the university.
  2. Partaking in media activities that are concerned with building the university's good reputation   
  3. Receiving visitors and preparing the necessary programs for them.
  4. Preparing brochures














The public and cultural department


The  public and cultural department and  its relation to the university's Faculties and departments

This department remains connected to the university's presidency so that it will be in contact with the faculties and other departments. It is responsible for:

  1. The necessary announcements that must be published in the public newspapers.
  2. Organizing the activities and celebrations held by the university's faculties.
  3. Receiving the visitors.
  4. Offering festival awards to be distributed on various occasions.
  5. Cooperating with the campus security on the entrance procedures of visitors.
  6. Cooperating with restaurants department to prepare meals.
  7. Working together with the computer center to prepare the requirements needed for activities. 
  8.   Cooperating with the deanship of students affairs on the activities organized by it.
  9. Booking the auditorium and supervising its activities.