Department of Deanship

Department of Student Activities

Department of Student Activities


It consists of two divisions:

1. Division of cultural and artistic activities

2. Division of sports activities

The Department undertakes the following tasks:


1- Artistic activity

1. The artistic activity supervises activities of artistic and recreational nature, such as theater, drawing, musical and calligraphy, photography, caricature, and graphic design.


2. Holding courses in art, painting, ceramics, mosaics and practical supervision of the practice of these activities in halls and workshops equipped for this purpose and supervised by a specialized technical staff


The activity fosters the talents, abilities and individual tendencies of students in the fields of applied arts such as painting, Arabic, handicrafts, photography, ceramics, sculpture, etc. The activity aims to involve them in activities at the university,


3. Forming and training talented technical teams.


4. Organizing concerts, exhibitions and artistic competitions that are held outside and inside the university.


5. The Department shall provide the necessary equipment and tools for the various activities.


 2- Cultural activity


1. Cultural activity sponsors the students of the university in several fields, including memorizing the Koran, recitation, poetry, short story, play, essay and investigative report.


2. Organizing the Know Your Country program to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the comprehensive renaissance of the country and other activities to follow the course of the Great Arab Revolt and visits to governmental and private institutions and supervise the conduct of a trip to perform Umrah for university students in cooperation with the Faculty of Shari'a and Islamic Studies. The activity is supervised by the celebration of events, religious and national holidays, and participation in celebrations of these events held outside and inside the university.


3. Organizing the days and cultural seasons, supervising the participation of students in activities held in cooperation with universities and local bodies, establishing national and religious pride and deepening belonging to the Islamic Ummah and inculcating the religious values ​​of our true religion away from extremism and extremism.


4. The activities of the Cultural Journal are called "The University of Islamic Sciences", which aims to deepen the students' belonging to their university, their leadership and their country, and to highlight their intellectual talents in various literary, cultural, scientific and artistic fields and provide them with opportunities to express their views.


5. Selection and training of Al-Aqsa students who participate in supervising the organization of concerts and seminars organized by the University and receiving the delegations hosted by the University.


3. Division of Sports Activity


The activity prepares quarterly and annual plans for sport activities, scouting activities, campuses and Prince Hassan Youth Award programs and disseminates them to the largest possible number of students, whether sports teams or other students wishing to practice their sports and scouting activities. Youth and educational institutions and sports, and serves the sports institutions, clubs and centers in the provinces.


1. Develop sports training plans for university students, supervise their implementation, and allow the largest number of students to participate in sports training programs.


2. Forming, training and qualifying sports teams, organizing sports events and participating in them.


A student can practice his/her favorite sport in the following individual and group games:


1. Football 2. Basketball 3. Balled


4. Volleyball 5. Table Tennis 6. Tennis


7. Taekwondo 8. Karate 9. Swimming


 4- Photography and archiving


It also depicts all the activities of the cultural, sports and artistic students as well as filming the students 'graduation ceremonies and supervising them, as well as preparing the photographs of the university staff and students for the purposes of the annual book. The department also documents the students' pictures and activities according to scientific bases in cataloging and classification. Deanship The Department also prepares and follows-up the completion of the yearbook for graduates.


5- Al Hassan Award for Youth


Work in the program is a voluntary award and has three levels (bronze, silver, gold).


The idea of ​​the award is to provide Jordanian youth from 14-25 years of age with the opportunity to become involved in four educational youth programs: services, skills, trips, sports activities, and the external residence of the Golden Award for university students. The programs are important because they reflect the concepts of freedom, justice, cooperation and participation, love, responsibility and community service.


University students can receive special leaflets on the prize from the Camps and Mobility Office.


6 - Camps and Scouter and Al Hassan Award for Youth


This activity provides the following activities:

1. Develop an annual work plan for the establishment of the student camps, including the volunteer camps, the sports camps, the training camps, the sports camps, the al-Hassan youth camps, and the youth university camps.

2. The formation of the groups of the scouters of the university students, organizing the scouting competitions for the stage in the field of community service and development and the explorations on foot.

3. Establishing work camps inside and outside the campus with the aim of contributing to the service, development and development of the community.

4. Supervising the program of the Golden Youth Award and the organization of student enrollment.

Department of Student Services and Care

Department of Student Services and Care


This constituency consists of the following divisions:

  1. Student Services Division

  2. Division of Student Care

  3. Division of studies and university and professional guidance


  4. Division of Foreign Student Affairs

This department shall undertake the following tasks in coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities inside and outside the university:

1. Participate in activities related to the awareness and orientation of new students and prepare the student guide.

2. Issuing identity cards, certificates of good conduct, and residence books for non-Jordanian students.


3. To attract students from Arab and foreign countries, in coordination and cooperation with cultural associations in Jordan.


4. Receiving and welcoming international students and assisting them in completing their admission and registration procedures and obtaining their university card, residence and accommodation.


5. Providing financial support to students through loans and assistance, and the student employment program.


6. Participate in activities related to the guidance and awareness of new students and help them in registering and introducing them to the services provided to them at the university and the providers of these services, and how to benefit from them.

7. Prepare student letters at the beginning of each academic year to urge them to take responsibility, preserve university property, and be jealous of their reputation.

8. Organizing lectures and seminars for university students in the field of educational guidance in order to help them adapt in their university life.

9. Implementation of individual extension sessions and the Assembly aimed at solving students' problems.

10. Conducting exploratory studies to identify the characteristics of the student body and the conditions of the students, the problems they face and their causes, as well as identify the class of students with negative behavior and those who have been subjected to disciplinary sanctions at the university.

11. Communicate with students with problems in their university life and low achievers (less than 60%) and direct them and provide psychological and material support for them.

12. Communicate with students with negative behavior, as well as students who have been subjected to disciplinary penalties, and try to modify their behavior, in coordination and cooperation with deans of the faculties and heads of academic departments concerned and specialists in the Faculty of Education and parents of students.

13. Assist students with special needs in completing the procedures of admission, registration and integration into the student body, and provide services and facilities related to their studies and mobility within the university, and the establishment of cultural, artistic and sports activities that fall within their interests.

14. Provide health care for students


4. Division of Foreign Student Affairs

One of the most important goals that the University World Islamic Sciences is concerned with is taking care of international students; therefore, a special office affairs of foreign students was established as of the responsibility of activating the newcomer in the university community the student's role in particular, in the community of Jordan in general and help him in the process of integration with students on campus and methods of communication with other Jordanian university students. WISE university attracted international students of all nationalities of the world, because of its specificity was characterized by other universities: its name inbuilt meaning of peace and World has attracted scientists from all areas of the Islamic world to teach Islamic jurisprudence rare specialties, and they need all global communities at this time of time and has become a requirement to be introduced, and these disciplines have created a kind of secular and religious balance; because God Almighty the creation of man The university enjoys a privileged position in the Jordanian capital of Amman. It is distinguished by modern buildings in the style of Islamic architecture and occupies a large green area on the heights of Amman.


Foreign Students Office has been established to help these students and take care of them in the various issues they face during their university stage since their registration at the university until they graduate them, were their own electronic data all include personal information on student's name, nationality and college that followed her specialty, which is studying and his place of residence base preparation And follow up the procedures of granting residence and renewal at the beginning of each semester, and follow up the issues of students that need intervention by the university to resolve in the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Residence and borders and the General Intelligence Department or any security department, K A It is within the Office of ratification scientific certificates issued by the country's incoming student process responsibilities through communication with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Jordan and the cultural attache of the student newcomer in Jordan, and the preparation of annual statistical numbers and nationalities of foreign students show each academic year.


This is the office set up a special guide international students printed in Arabic and English, and distributed at the beginning of each semester and academic year on foreign students this guide includes a comprehensive university and colleges, centers, institutes and administrative departments on campus with all the details of a report (detailed map of the campus) also includes a glance On the most important heritage and archaeological sites and tourist sites, religious and therapeutic in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Career Counseling and Follow-up of Graduates Office


  • Helping students discover their skills needed in different fields.
  • Providing the students’ with skills needed to help them in labor market.
  • Contacting recruitment companies to help students find jobs after graduation.
  • Guiding students to launch projects that could help them improve  their social and economic conditions.
The Office of Foreign Students Affairs organizes cultural and tourist trips for students

The Office of Foreign Students Affairs organizes cultural and tourist trips for students coming to all parts of the Kingdom, in order to disseminate Jordan's knowledge in all fields and to introduce them to Jordan in history and present. The office carries out many cultural and sports activities inside and outside the university. The skill of each individual student should be refined, whether it is in improving or interpreting the provisions of the Holy Quran or in shedding and organizing poetry, and assisting him in participating in foreign seminars and conferences,