The Department of Legal Affairs was established at the beginning of the academic year (2009/2010) under the name of the Office of Legal Affairs and is responsible for directing the activities and decisions of the University in accordance with the provisions of the legislative system in force. Preparation of preliminary draft laws, regulations, instructions and special rules of the university and follow-up with the competent authorities concerned, providing advice and legal opinion in all aspects of academic and administrative work of the university as well as the preparation and drafting of contracts and agreements And to follow up on the issues of which the university is a party or plaintiff, and participate in committees and meetings with the relevant authorities and to consider any issue or issue that interferes with the functioning of the University and the appropriate settlement thereof, and follow up legal activities And the judiciary of the university with the relevant authorities in the State on the directives of the Presidency of the University, and to provide legal assistance and guidance to both university employees and students, and to keep abreast of the legal developments required by the progress of the university and its continuation In various fields to make the University's success in achieving its desired objectives, and to carry out any activities or tasks assigned by the Presidency of the University.