Planning, Development and Quality Assurance Center


The center aims at developing academic and administrative services in the university.


  • Preparing plans that can help achieve objectives of the university.
  • Promoting performance of university academic staff.
  • Promoting performance of university administrative staff.
  • Providing up-to-date technological devices and training the university cadre on how to use them properly.
  • Following up the implementation of accreditation requirements.
  • Playing a key role in accomplishing quality assurance requirements.
  • Building the strategic plans of the university.
  • Achieving creativity and innovation in the university.
  • Holding training sessions for university cadre.
  • Establishing a proper database on cadre of the university.
  • Exploring difficulties that face departments of the university.
  • Contributing to the assessment of syllabi and textbooks of the courses.
  • Conducting studies that can help achieve goals of the center.
  • Preparing reports on performance of the center.