Consultation, Training and Community Service Center was established on August, 1st, 2008 in accordance with the Deans' Council of the World Islamic Sciences and Education University so as to serve the local community and support national institutions. 

The center aims at training and qualifying Jordanian, Arab and Muslim youth and helping them improve their skills and support their economic, social, religious, and cultural institutions.



To be a distinguished center and contribute to improving  Jordanian, Arab and Muslim human resources through providing them with skills needed in their fields.

Center Director:


Dr. Abdel Fattah Zuheir al-Abdullat



The center seeks to achieve administrative development through extending distinguished and high-quality services with the aim of improving individual and institutional competencies.

Sections of the Center:


  1. Consultation Section
  2. Training and community service section
  3. Marketing and public relations section
Objectives of the Center:
  • Identifying the institutions' training needs.
  • Holding specialized training sessions and workshops in various fields.
  • Creating partnerships with other training centers.
  • Designing specialized training programs.
  • Extending consultations in various fields.
  • Conducting studies and research in various domains.
  • Improving university's cadre skills.
  • Helping graduates and providing them with skills needed in their fields.
  • Promoting products of faculties and departments of the university.
  • Empowering women, youth and the disabled in various areas.