Department of Academic Services




With the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, Decree No. (337) dated 16/7/2013, which includes "the approval of the separation of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Education into two faculties." The Department of Basic Sciences was established by decision of the Deans Council No. 1/1/4/44034 dated 12/9/2013. , One of which is the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Basic Sciences is one of its departments. "The title of the department has been amended to the Department of Basic Sciences after the Department of General Sciences was established at the beginning of the academic year 2011-2012. At the beginning of the second semester, Academic Services) by the decision of the Board of Deans No. 23/2017 at its meeting No. 5/2017 dated 30/1/2017.

The Department of Academic Services draws its objectives from the general objectives of the University to keep abreast of the scientific and technological development and adapting it to serve the Jordanian society. The department also ensures that the faculty members are of a high level of competence and scientific ability while continuing to develop the plan and the subjects. Currently, there are faculty members in various disciplines, ranging from a professor to an associate professor, an assistant professor and a teacher.

This department is one of the departments of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences that meets the needs of other disciplines. It aims at teaching the requirements of the university and the requirements of some of the different non-homogeneous Faculty s in its departments.

  • Health and nutrition
  • The environment and the biosphere
  • Sports in our lives
  • In addition to the university's compulsory and elective requirements as of the first semester of the academic year 2015/2016.

Section: Preparing students and preparing them well in their different disciplines.

Vision of the Department: Leadership in the basic sciences and transfer of knowledge to contribute to the preparation of university students and prepare them in their various disciplines to cover the needs of the labor market in various areas and enrich the community.

Yaseen Alzouaby
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Yasen Mharmah
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Assoc prof
Shaimaa Masadeh
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Abdalfattah Alsaman
Hind Saraierah