Department of Counseling and Mental Health


Our slogan: "Guidance" is our way to achieve mental health. The Department of Counseling and Mental Health was established as a separate section from other educational disciplines in the academic year 2013/2014. The department is concerned with the teaching of courses with a psychological and educational dimension and in line with the future aspirations in terms of providing the students with the necessary scientific knowledge in the field of counseling and mental health, in addition to providing the opportunity for students at all levels for field training in the field of guidance, which contributes to the utilization of scientific knowledge in practical fields and to practice psychological counseling and education in the future. The mission of the department is to provide the public with a sense of the importance and necessity of extension services in improving the quality of life, which is positively reflected in achieving mental health.


Future Prospects:

1- Qualifying students to practice guidance in other sectors parallel to the educational extension sector such as: - Health counseling for categories: heart patients, diabetes, cancer, kidney failure. - Psychological counseling for guest groups: Psychiatric centers, psychiatric and mental hospitals. - Social guidance for guest groups: orphan care centers, elderly care centers, social development centers and family care. - Guidance and vocational guidance: for students of schools, universities and vocational training centers

2 - Developing a guidance center to provide educational, academic and vocational guidance services for university students by specialists who hold a master degree in psychological counseling and education.

3 – Adopting the interview method to obtain admission to the department in order to ensure that students enjoy personal features that qualify them to practice guidance after graduation efficiently and effectively.

Degrees granted by the Department:

1- Bachelor's degree

2- Masters

3- PhD

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Ibraheem Maale
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