Department of Quranic Recitations and Studies




The Department was established in 2014. The nucleus was a BA program in Quranic recitations in the Faculty of Proselytism and Foundations of Religion. 

Mission and Objectives

1.   To teach the ten recitations of the Holy Quran as a beneficial  practice and to encourage Moslems to learn them as we are encouraged to do so by our religion.

2   To provide universities, colleges, institutes, and schools with professional in the field.

3   To upgrade the level of imams, readers  and preachers in the Kingdom and abroad.

4.   To do and encourage research in the field. 




  BA in Quranic recitations (135 credit hours)

  MA in Quranic recitations (33 credit hours)

  Ph. D in Quranic recitations (54 credit hours)


Study Plan: 
Yasser Noyer
Academic Rank: 
Assoc prof
ebtehaj radi
Academic Rank: 
Asst prof
yazeed shayab
Academic Rank: 
Asst prof
Mohanad Al Horani
Academic Rank: 
Asst prof
Mohamad salem