Department of proselytism and Islamic media




Calling to Islam is considered one of the religious duties of the Islamic nation. Based on that, the World Islamic Science and Education University initiated a department that is concerned in da'wa and Islamic studies, the aim of which is to offer qualified advocates to spread Islam by relating its true image to the public away from extremism. Therefore, a department of da'wa and Islamic studies had been initiated to become one of the departments of the Faculty of Da'wa and Usuldein in 2011. This department offers a M.A. degree in the specialization of da'wa and Islamic media in both tracks: The dissertation and the comprehensive.




The Department's Message:


The department of da'wa and Islamic studies is concerned in calling to Islam, addressing audiences, and spreading the correct Islamic culture through the adoption of the middle stream approach in Islamic lecturing, through the transmission of the message of Islam to all the people, though religious monitoring of advocacy and media, and though the reinforcement of the concept of comprehensive development.


The Department's Objectives:


-To offer specialized advocates in da'wa and Islamic media, who are scientifically, pragmatically, and educationally qualified.

-To provide institutions of academia, media, and advocacy with qualified candidates in light of our age of technology.

-To present capable advocates and personnel in the domain of media, who are able to address the international public opinion with an Islamic and contemporary manner.

-To initiate a distinguished Islamic character that is able to keep up with incidents and to fortify it against intellectual invasion.

To reinforce morals and mannerisms of individuals in Moslem societies so as to reinforce the concept of comprehensive development.


The degrees that are offered by the Department:

 - A M.A. degree in da'wa and Islamic media (the comprehensive track).

 - A M.A. degree in da'wa and Islamic media (the dissertation track).




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