The Department of Admissions and Registration at the University of Islamic Sciences is one of the most important departments of the university as it is the link between the university and the student from acceptance to graduation. It also undertakes to apply the texts and provisions of the academic system followed by the university and the instructions of granting the bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees to control the student's educational process in cooperation with deanships, faculty members and academic guides.

Responsibilities and Tasks

1. Submit applications to university and unload them in special lists for use in admissions purposes.

2- To announce the names of the students accepted in the faculties of the university and prepare their own files containing their identity papers.

3. Prepare weekly lecture schedules before the beginning of each semester and distribute them to colleges and announce them to students.

4. Completion of the registration process of the university students in the various subjects and the process of addition and withdrawal of materials at the beginning of each semester.

5. Prepare the various statistics about the students and prepare the final examination schedules at the end of each semester.

6. Receipt of the lists of marks and distribution to the faculty registrars.

7. Monitoring the students' grades and extracting their different rates.

8. Prepare lists of graduate students, graduates, graduates, etc.

9. Review the student's study plans.

10. Providing the embassies with the results of the envoys at their expense

11. Issuing certificates, certificates and other documents required by the student.

12. Participate in the preparation and preparation of the annual graduation ceremony.

13. Provide the computer center with the necessary information and data for admission, registration, examinations and programs.

14. Implementation of instructions to grant bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees at the university.