Deanship of Student Affairs

the dean
khalil hajaj
Responsibilities of Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University plays a very important role in building the behavioral aspect of the students, which is no less important than the cognitive side. It embraces the student from the moment he arrives at the university until he leaves the university. The Deanship of Student Affairs, which plays such a crucial role, has the following responsibilities:

1. To consolidate the spirit of pride in Islam and its role in building and promoting human civilization, deepening the membership of the Islamic Nation, and instilling the religious values ​​of true Islam among students.

2. Comprehensive development of the attitudes and tendencies of the students in terms of cultural, artistic, sports, national, recreational, volunteer and community service, and directing the related activities to all students.

3. To deepen the University's membership and preserve its reputation and property, and to the homeland and maintain its achievements, loyalty to the triumphant Hashemite leadership, and develop the spirit of good citizenship, sense of responsibility, and jealousy of the public interest of students.

4. Provide material, moral and psychological support to as many students as possible.

5. Conducting studies aimed at identifying the characteristics of the student body and the problems facing students, and developing appropriate solutions.

Department of Student Activities