dr.mwafaa mqdadi

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established in the first semester of the academic year 2013-2014, after being separated from the Faculty of Educational Sciences. It consists of five sections:

Department of Arabic Language and Literature

Department of English Language and Literature

Department of Humanities

Department of Basic Sciences

Department of History and Islamic Civilization

These departments accept the needs of students to make them important building blocks in the country. This requires the development of scientific plans that are in line with the nature of technological and scientific developments in various fields of life.

The Faculty attracts faculty members in all specialties from distinguished professors, and includes specialized administrative cadres and trained and qualified, which reflected on the educational outputs of this Faculty , to fill the labor market graduates armed with science and knowledge, thus meeting the needs of the labor market in Jordan and abroad.

The Faculty has seen an expansion in the field of graduate studies and scientific research in the departments that grant the Master's and PhD degrees. This is represented by recruiting faculty members of high scientific rank and accepting students from all countries of the Arab World and the Islamic world.



The Faculty of Arts and Sciences seeks to be distinguished in the fields of specialization that harmonize the labor market and contribute to providing this market with qualified students who have the ability to compete internationally.

Faculty Message


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences works to integrate learning and education, to formulate programs aimed at raising the level of its employees, and to provide knowledge services to all faculties of the university, as well as to the Jordanian, Arab and international communities

​Dean's Message

Dear guests ,,, Dear visitors ,,, Future generations

 Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Sciences website

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences seeks to achieve academic and administrative achievement in a dignified manner. It combines a wide variety of disciplines: Arabic language and literature, English language and literature, humanities and general sciences. We hope in the near future that this Faculty  occupies the prestigious scientific position at the level of Jordanian, Arab, Islamic and international universities. We are striving to adopt the methods of modern education in various ways and means to develop the future generation to meet the challenges and difficulties of life. The faculty and administration will continue to be our focus, and we always strive to support their abilities and skills for the University's success and to continue to give and build. May God help us all to serve this nation and this university, under the building of the renaissance of the civilization of the nation and the flag of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn al-Hussein, may God preserve him and paid his steps for the good of the nation and the nation.