The Dean Of Faculty
professor Abd al Haleem Adwan
A Brief about the Faculty

The Institute of Traditional Islamic Architecture was established in 1998, when it was affiliated with Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan. The Faculty of Arts and Islamic Architecture is the first Arab and Islamic academic institution to educate the Islamic arts academically and teach advanced academic programs at the levels of bachelor, master and doctorate.

Prospects and Future Plan
  1. Doctoral program in the philosophy of arts and Islamic architecture.
  2. The project of collecting, cataloging and investigating manuscripts of Islamic arts and architecture.
  3. Issuing a scientific refereed and classified journal dealing with arts and Islamic architecture.
  4. Introducing a reference to the studies of Islamic arts and architecture.
Departments of the Faculty

The Faculty consists of two main departments:

  1. Department of Islamic Arts and Graphic Design

This department includes Arabic calligraphy, painting (miniatures), Islamic decoration, gilding, and other arts which are often applied by using various materials and raw materials such as paper, wood, plaster, copper and so on.

  1. The Islamic Architecture and Interior Design Department

This department includes: A. Islamic Interior Design, which is characterized by distinctive knowledgeable feature through combining the specialization of Islamic arts with the specialization of Islamic architecture. The Faculty has started to teach the specialization of Islamic Interior Design in the Bachelor program and in the Master program since the academic year (2008-2009). B. Architecture Islamic: Islamic architecture is considered one of the rare specialties in academic studies, and so the Faculty of Architecture and Islamic Arts is proud to be one of the first international academic institutions to teach this major and work to qualify it in various programs of higher education, from bachelor, master to doctorate programs. The faculty has started teaching this major in a special program to obtain the Master degree since the academic year (2008-2009). C - Project Management: The Faculty introduces this major in two levels of knowledge and study. The first is based on the overall management of projects; whatever their type and nature of design, operation and productivity. The second is specified by project management related to the economics of knowledge, education, art and public culture in the society, especially those productive projects that are directly related to Islamic architectural and artistic knowledge. The Faculty has started teaching this major since the academic year (2008-2009). The Faculty aspires to upgrade the teaching of this major to a special program for postgraduate studies, Master.

The Programs and Scientific Disciplines Offered by the Faculty
  1. BSc: This program is of (130) credit hours. These hours are divided into three courses of academic subjects: Compulsory subjects, Electives, and major subjects.
  2. Masters: The duration of study in the master program is (33) credit hours, divided into two tracks: the comprehensive track (Comprehensive Test), and the research track (Thesis). The courses are divided between compulsory subjects and elective subjects, as well as 3 credit hours for the remedial materials, mainly in "Refined Engineering"; (9) credit hours to write a master's thesis.
Faculty Work and Achievements
  1. Reconstruction of the Salahud-Din Al-Ayyubi platform of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  2. Writing the Quran of King Hussein, May Allah Bless His Soul.
  3. International scientific conference entitled: Art in Islamic thought.
  4. The International Scientific Symposium in cooperation with the Kuwait Center for Islamic Arts entitled: Islamic Arts: Principles, Forms and Methods.