The department should be a reliable reference and an active participant in the strategic planning and development of the performance of the staff and students at the university.



 To contribute to improving the quality of academic and administrative performance by enabling the human resources at the university to achieve leadership and meet the international standards of accreditation and quality in university education.


Objectives of the Department:


1 - The continuous development of performance through the development of quality system at the university.

2 - Apply the criteria of public and private accreditation to obtain domestic and international accreditation, in addition to achieving quality requirements in university work.

3 - Encourage and expand the dialogue on the process of teaching and learning, and upgrading the work of the university to the global levels to include academics, administrators, students and sectors of work related to the outputs of the University.

4 - Improving the performance of faculty members through the development of their abilities in the areas of: teaching, evaluation, communication, and conduct scientific research and research on the development of subjects and methods of assessment and teaching at the university.

5 - Develop plans and programs at the university to keep pace with global developments.

6 - Leading the University to an advanced location on the map of universities distinguished locally, regionally and globally.

Duties of the Department:

1. Contribute to the implementation of the strategic plan of the University.

2. Contributing to the preparation of the University for accreditation and quality assurance through the application of public and private accreditation standards and the achievement of quality assurance requirements, and complete the procedures in this regard.

3 - Participation in the preparation and development of study plans according to the criteria of special accreditation.

4 - Supervising the work of the executive committees for accreditation and quality at the university

5. Spreading the culture of quality in the university.

6 - The link between the university and the accreditation body of higher education institutions to follow up accreditation procedures at the university.

7 - Contribution to provide the elements of leadership, creativity and excellence in the work environment of the university.

8. Contribute to the development of policies, plans and programs aimed at ensuring quality in university work.

9 - Identify the difficulties facing the educational process and the shortage of faculty members in each of the departments of each college in the university.

10 – Conducting and preparing studies and statistics required by the Department